Workforce & Training

With a population of approximately 255,000 and a civilian labor force of over 126,000, St. Tammany offers a highly-skilled, highly-trained workforce for businesses in any industry.

Our nationally-recognized K-12 education system and our world-renowned professional and technical schools produce dedicated new workers every year. Our students’ ACT scores consistently rank above the national average.

89% of our residents have a high school diploma or higher.
62% of our residents have attended at least some college.
38% of our residents have achieved advanced degrees and/or certifications.

The unemployment rate in St. Tammany consistently remains below the national average, and the per capita income in 2015 was $57,229.

65% of our residents are of working age.

Workforce Development Series

In 2014, Development Director Ashley Cangelosi Llewellyn launched the Workforce Development Series to engage business, education, nonprofit, and governmental partners in conversations about workforce needs. This series brings our business leaders, community representatives, and higher education partners together to share and analyze workforce development information. Each gathering focuses on one topic to stimulate the dialogue, such as healthcare and biosciences, construction and coastal restoration, manufacturing, maritime, information technology, or STEM education, to name a few examples.

At each session, analysts offer projections for the future of our parish, businesses share what they expect and require of the workforce, and educators take that information to drive curriculum in classrooms and recruit new students.

Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC)

With the imminent completion of NTCC’s STEM campus in Lacombe, STEDF considers this award-winning professional and technical school to be one of St. Tammany’s strongest assets.

As a long-time participant in STEDF’s Workforce Development Series, NTCC has collaborated with STEDF on a number of workforce development initiatives. Along with many other partners, we participated in NTCC’s Maritime Consortium, which served as the voice of business and industry in the creation of a new curriculum for maritime study. View their website for additional information about curriculum programs available in St. Tammany.


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